#5Things: Hurricane Sally, reckless truck driver, daddy Nyovest, and more

#5Things: Hurricane Sally, reckless truck driver, daddy Nyovest, and more

These are five things you need to know as you wake up.


1. Hurricane Sally: Deadly storm leaves 550,000 without power in US

More than half-a-million people are without power after hurricane Sally rips through the US gulf coast. The storm’s 165 kilometer-per-hour winds and torrential rains reportedly flooded several small towns in the state of Alabama and Florida, knocked down power lines, and destroyed homes and businesses. Since Sally's landfall on Wednesday, emergency crews have rescued at least 377 people in Escambia County, Florida.

2. Reckless truck driver causes accident by texting and driving

A shocking dashcam video has been circulating on social media of a South African truck driver texting and driving before smashing into another turning truck. The footage provides a chilling split-screen of the wreckless driver texting in the cockpit while smashing straight into the innocent driver. If you are texting and driving, you are single-handedly placing innocent people’s lives in your hands.

Watch the video here

3. Cassper Nyovest sets record straight on "taking his newborn son to the beach"

New daddy Cassper Nyovest made the trend list on Thursday after tweeting that he is shooting a music video at an undisclosed Durban beach. What was meant to be a tweet of gratitude, when he mentioned that his son was in his presence at the beach, it turned into judgements from social media users about his parenting skills. However, in retaliation, the rapper made it clear that he actually has a house by the beach and his son was safe indoors.

4. 'The Karen' is set to be the most popular Halloween costume of 2020

With Halloween fast approaching, many people who celebrate the holiday are planning topical outfits and the 'Karen' look is reportedly popular. 'Karen' has become a slang term for a white woman who is perceived to be entitled, demanding or racist. The look comes with the popular asymmetrical blonde hairdo and some retailers are also selling a custom-made mask.

Karen mask

5. Man wrestled to the ground during attempted kidnapping

Last week, social media and news wires exploded when a video was released showing an attempted kidnapping being foiled by a restaurant owner in Johannesburg. The video shows a man approach an innocent child before being slammed to the ground. On Thursday, new information surfaced that suggests that the suspect is involved in three other crimes! We hear of this more and more every day – Keep the kids safe!

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