#5Things: Girl with the longest legs, woman barred from flight, student gives birth in exam, and more

#5Things: Girl with the longest legs, woman barred from flight, student gives birth in exam, and more

Do not start your day without knowing these five things. 

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1. Superman Trump

Following Donald Trump’s release from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last week, he gave a statement from the White House where he was seen wearing a surgical mask. Now we heard that Donald Trump reportedly wanted to appear frail and sick and then rip his suit off, appearing in a Superman suit. We are really living in a South Park episode.

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2. You can now book your driving licence renewal by phone

In a bid to curb long queues at driving licence renewal centres amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has launched a pilot project where people can now book a spot by phone. Durban metro police spokesperson Parbhoo Sewpersad said that the project will be piloted at the Verulam Driving Licence Testing Centre. Book online or on an app - Nope? We are now just 20 years behind the rest of the world.

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3. Girl with the longest female legs

A Guiness World Record video had people in a tizz over the weekend after a photo of a 17-year-old girl from Texas, named Maci Currin, was posted. She now holds two records: One for the longest female legs and another for a teenager with the longest legs. Although she is 6 ft. 10 (Just over 2 metres), her legs account for 60% of that length, i.e. just over 1.3M long.

4. Woman kicked off flight because of her outfit

Southwest Airlines apologised to a 22-year-old woman who was barred from boarding a flight to Chicago for wearing a "lewd, obscene, and offensive" top. Kayla Eubanks was just wearing a black halter top and kicked off her flight for fear of “Offending other passengers”. She was allowed to board after borrowing a T-Shirt from the captain.

She tells the whole story in a Twitter thread below.

5. Student gives birth during exam

Brianna Hill, a recent graduate of the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, knew she would be pregnant during her bar exam for law, but she wasn't expecting a huge curveball in timing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking the bar exam is hard enough, but she took it to the next level by having a baby in the middle of the test. Hill hasn't received her bar exam results, but she already has a job lined up.

Student gives birth during exam

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