#5Things: Dirty money, best 'Doctor Who', flight price hikes, and more

#5Things: Dirty money, best 'Doctor Who', flight price hikes, and more

Darren, Keri, and Sky have got your back with some of the top stories packaged just for you.


1. Leak reveals $2 trillion of possibly corrupt US financial activity

Leaked documents involving about $2tn of transactions have revealed how some of the world's biggest banks have allowed criminals to move dirty money around the world. The FinCEN files contain more than 2,500 documents, most of which were files that banks sent to the US authorities between 2000 and 2007. JP Morgan moved money for someone on the FBI’s most wanted list, Putin’s friends used a Barclays account to avoid sanctions, and Deutsche Bank moved some money that funded terrorism, to name a few. 

2. Who is the best 'Doctor Who'?  The results are in 

Over the last 50-plus years, 'Doctor Who' has taken on many different forms, but when fans were asked to vote, it was clear who the favourite is. David Tennant has come out on top as 'Doctor Who' fans voted for their favourite Time Lord. Over 50,000 'Doctor Who' fans took part in a poll, which saw the current and first female Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) take second place.

3. "There's an alpaca on the field"

A football game between Carlton Athletic and Ilkley Town in West Yorkshire on Saturday had to go on an impromptu break when an alpaca galloped onto the field. According to reports, Oscar made his way from a nearby farm and it was not the first time that he has been spotted during a Carlton game. 

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4. Twitter is not happy with FlySafair's "unreasonable" price hike

Domestic airline FlySafair has come under fire on Twitter over its flight prices. People were not pleased with the pricing, which prompted a response from the airline’s chief marketing officer Kirby Gordon, who told IOL Travel that airfares are set by the market forces of supply and demand.

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5. Airbus unveils three hydrogen-powered aircraft concepts

Multinational aerospace corporation Airbus has unveiled three hydrogen-based concepts for what it believes will be the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft, entering service by 2035. The approaches include a turbofan jet with capacity for as many as 200 passengers, a 100-seat propeller plane for smaller distances, and a flying-wing concept with 200 seats.

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