#5Things: Bunny chow Eno advert, Pornhub protest, Burger King endorses rivals, and more

#5Things: Bunny chow Eno advert, Pornhub protest, Burger King endorses rivals, and more

Here are #5Things you need to know as you wake up this Wednesday.

Burger King urges customers to order from McDonald's

1. US elections update

Democratic contender Joe Biden has entered election day with multiple paths to victory, while President Donald Trump has a narrower but still feasible road to clinch 270 Electoral College votes. Currently, Biden has won 13 states and Trump 16. However, Biden's electoral tally is higher. 

2. SA Advertising Regulatory Bureau dismisses bunny chow ad complaints

The Advertising Regulatory Bureau (ARB) published its ruling that dismissed a complaint about a Facebook ad for Eno, focusing on the bunny chow. Echoing comments posted on social media, a complainant argued that the ad depicted the bunny chow in a negative light – and because bunny chows are not served with chips and sauce.

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3. Porn banned in Thailand, citizens not pleased

Thailand's government banned Pornhub and 190 other websites showing pornography, prompting social media outrage and a call for a protest against the decision. An activist group called Anonymous Party posted a statement saying: "We want to reclaim Pornhub. People are entitled to choices." Another group, using the hashtag #SavePornhub, called a demonstration for Tuesday afternoon.

4. Burger King endorses its rivals

Someone check if hell has frozen over because Burger King is telling you to order from archrival McDonald's, as well as a number of other competing restaurants. The company's UK arm tweeted a statement asking consumers to support their local fast food outlets during the coronavirus pandemic in order to help the restaurant industry.

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5. How Harry could technically have taken the throne

News recently broke that Prince William had contracted coronavirus earlier this year without making it public. Had the virus proved fatal for Prince Charles and Prince William, a rare situation would have meant that Prince Harry would have taken the throne. Even though Prince William's three children would naturally succeed him, Prince Harry would have been a temporary king.

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