5 different Freelance jobs to work from

5 Work From Home freelance jobs to help ease the financial pressure

If you want work from home, here are tips to do it successfully.

Working from home
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Being a freelancer means that you get to work whenever you want as your not dependent on an office or even your house. 

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Here are freelancing jobs that you can apply for:


Freelance podcast transcription specialist (Afrikaans)

In this job, you will be proofreading and editing content in your local market across a variety of topics. Here is the link to apply for the job Podcast Translation.


Freelance work from home for an English teacher

This can be done anywhere as long as your you got South African residency, be a excellent English speaker, with a neutral accent. Lastly you need a TEFL teaching qualifications. Find out more about this here.


Freelance React developer

Being able to translate designs and wireframes into high quality code. Building reusable components in order to make a library shelf or etc. Find out all information you can get to apply here.



The ability to transcribe information. You would need to work independently. Have good communication skills as well as good command of English language.

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Graphic designer

To use design software to create high quality, innovative and interactive designs. You would need a diploma or certificate in Graphic design. For more information will be available here  

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