33.1 kg pregnant python found at Zimbali

33.1 kg pregnant python found at Zimbali

While enjoying the beautiful views at Zimbali estate, holidaymakers found an unexpected visitor basking in the sun on a patio. 

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Screenshot: Facebook: KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

A very pregnant rock python who was over 4m long had made herself a home under the stairs of the plush home. KZN reptile expert Nick Evans was called to the home immediately to capture the serpent.

Whilst Nick thought he could easily get the mom out of the tunnel, it seemed to be alot worse. He used his phone to try and get footage of python in the tunnel but it was not futile. He began to dig a little further and disrupted a large beehive which stuck Nick all over his body.

After running away from the bees for about 300m, they called Nick Saunders, a Durban-based bee-removal expert was called to help remove the honey makers. They were safely removed when bee-removal expert and horticulturist Johan Bodenstein stayed to help with the capture of the python.

“But the python had other ideas. She squished herself into her tunnel so tightly that removing her would be difficult. We were however quite relieved to find that she was not on her eggs because if she had been, the removal would have been near impossible,” said Nick.

After six long hours, the beautiful rock python was captured and taken to Ushaka Marine World’s Dangerous Creatures department where she will be kept until she gives birth.

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