#30SecCV: Sharlene wants to make the workplace safe for your employees

#30SecCV: Sharlene wants to make the workplace safe for your employees

Every week we aim to drop the unemployment rate by playing a #30SecCV in the hopes of maintaining our 100% employment record! This week Sharlene needs your help!

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Sharlene Pillay / Supplied

Listen to Sharlene's 30 second CV, or read the details under the podcast.

Sharlene Padayachee is 30-years-old and lives in Phoenix.

She is currently studying towards a safety diploma at UNISA. She also has SHEMTRAK, First Aider, Basic Fire Training, Legal Liabilities, Safety Representation and a code 8 drivers license.

Do you think that Sharlene is the perfect fit for your business? Email [email protected] and we'll put you into contact with her.

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