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#30SecCV: Dedicated and enthusiastic, Philelani is a catch for your workplace

Every week, the Breakfast Team attempts to bridge the unemployment gap by offering listeners a chance to air their CVs in 30 seconds. This week we found our remarkable candidate online!

philani 30 sec cv

Philelani Ncwane has been job hunting for a while now but hasn't had any luck. In his desperation, he took to the streets. 

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Philelani wrote a breakdown of his CV on a piece of cardboard and stood at a Durban robot advertising his skills. Many stopped and captured images of Philelani before posting them online.

Philelani - 30 sec cv

Dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to learn make Philelani an excellent potential employee.

We contacted the Cabin Crew License holder to share his #30SecCV with us, as well as his struggles with unemployment. 

Take a listen to his #30SecCV below:

Darren Maule caught wind of Philelani's plea for employment and decided to get to know him a bit better. Listen to this heartfelt conversation below: 

If you can help Philelani with anything in the Aviation or Customer sales industry, please contact [email protected].

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