Three easy-to-do napkin folding ideas for the Christmas table

Three easy-to-do napkin folding ideas for the Christmas table

Darren Maule has got tricks up his sleeve for you!

Darren's napkin-folding ideas

Are you hosting some family or friends later this week for Christmas lunch or dinner? Then you don't have to stress too much about everything on your to-do list. 

Thanks to the multi-talented Darren Maule, you can set your table's napkins in a much more interesting way than just laying them there. 

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He shares three ways you can play with the napkins to make it a lot more fun and get the kids folding with you! 

Have a look at the first one: 

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That was the easier one to do, we have one that you can use to flex a little if you want to add some height on the table. This one has your napkin standing so it will definitely get the attention you want. 

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This last one is the fanciest of them all. Let you inner child out and enjoy making this butterfly-like or flower-like style on the table. 

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It might come as surprise that Darren Maule knows all these tricks, but the more you listen to East Coast Radio and follow him, you'll learn there's very little he can't do! 

We hope that you will impress a few people!


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