2020 Year in Review: Durban singer dedicates Maroon 5's 'Memories' to mom

2020 Year in Review: Durban singer dedicates Maroon 5's 'Memories' to mom

If she entered 'The Voice South Africa', she would get our vote!

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Screenshot: Facebook: Dala U Crew

Ashleigh, 26, stole many hearts when a video of her singing 'Memories' by Maroon 5 went viral.

She definitely stole our hearts with her voice, which is why we made sure we chatted to her about her amazing cover.

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Ashleigh describes herself as a young lady who was born and raised in Durban. Coming from a musical background with many family members from both her mom and dad's side being musically inclined, it was no wonder that her genes were also coded in musical notes. 

When she performed her viral song cover, she explained that she dedicated the song to her mom and to those who passed on and left her with great memories.

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The singer is no stranger to the performance world, as she proclaimed that she does a number of events in and around Durban.

"I do consider my passion as my career. I've been working on my brand, Ashleigh Joseph-Music Is Life, for the past two years now, and I believe that it is becoming a well-recognised brand slowly but surely," she was quoted as saying.

Speaking about her role models, Ashleigh said that her dad takes the number one spot.

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"My dad is in this industry as well and taught me to remain humble in all that I do, which I will carry with me wherever my career leads me," she said.

Watch her viral video below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot/Facebook: Dala U Crew

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