A love letter to someone in their early twenties

A love letter to someone in their early twenties

Your most frequent question is arguably: "What am I even doing?"

Yougng adult

Dear [name], I know you are twenty-something - you might still be at university or maybe in a junior position at work. Or job-seeking with the state in which unemployment in our country is so high. Look, you might also just be chilling and figuring out what your next move will be. Here's the thing: You are exactly where you need to be.

I write this letter to affirm your experience and share some words to let you know panicking is normal - we all are. 

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As a person who works primarily on social media platforms, I understand how much being exposed to others' lives and lifestyles may influence how you feel about your own. I know it might not be easy seeing some of your peers experiencing and having things you imagined you would also have in your early twenties; it's a little sour. But that is their journey, their season to have and do whatever it is you're seeing and it is important to celebrate that for them. 

You need to break away from comparison. Let it go. There is literally one you. One. 

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One thing I will highlight is to spend your time wisely. No, hear me out. My dear [name], I'm not saying this in a motivational speaking Vusi Thembekwayo way. When I say this I mean use your time doing the following: 

- Things that you enjoy

-  Things that will benefit you, help you grow and enhance your experience in this world

- Things that will make the world a little better for others (e.g. sharing and giving the little you can)

- Things you have never done before - new things! Challenge yourself, you might just love it! 

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I want to also emphasise that the people you surround yourself with will play a huge role in your life. They will obviously influence different aspects of your life accordingly.

With myself, Kgomotso is that bright and sharp friend who I connect with, talking about life's future endeavours, goals and business ideas. Uyavhuya is the goofy friend I call for laughter or to cry about something that bothers me. Then there is my childhood friend, Mpho, who is spiritual - this friendship nurtures my inner child and also helps remind me to always look to The Source. 

So, reach out and connect with your loved ones. You are not alone. You cannot do it all alone. 

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I could honestly go on and on in this letter but I want it to stay short and sweet. I want to squeeze this in - you are enough and you are doing enough, yes? 

 And one last thing to take from this...

Love. Love is a doing word. Yes, it is a noun too but null and void without the action. 

Love yourself. Love your family and friends. Love your craft, your job and whatever you may spend your days doing. Love your life. 

I conclude, 



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