Travel permit required to transport pupils to school: Motshekga

Travel permit required to transport pupils to school: Motshekga

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga says permits will be issued to officials and teachers travelling to and from school - as they return to work this week. 

Angie Motshekga on schools going back in June 2020

Pupils in Grades 7 and 12 are expected back on Monday.

Teachers, who received their personal protective equipment (PPE), are already at work. 

Motshekga says learners will need certificates too to move around under Level 3 lockdown. 

"There will be a certificate issued to learners who have to commute to and from on a daily basis which will be issued be by the principal of the school. The issuing of the certificate must be done in compliance with the regulations.

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"Even a person transporting a learner to school must also be issued with a permit again the drivers themselves who drive kids up and down to school must have a permit." 

She says parents who aren't sending their child to school must apply for an exemption through their provincial head of department. 

"The terms of the South African School Act can exempt a learner entirely, partially or conditionally from compulsory attendance and if such an exemption is in the best interest of the learner."

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