James Blunt talks bromance with Ed Sheeran

James Blunt talks bromance with Ed Sheeran

James Blunt says he is having an "amazing time" time on tour with Ed Sheeran.

James Blunt Ed Sheeran

British singer James Blunt's bromance with Ed Sheeran has blossomed since they started touring together. 

The 43-year-old made a music comeback earlier this year when he released his new album, 'The Afterlove'.

The album enjoyed major success around the globe, but received a lukewarm response in the US.

That was until the 'Your're Beautiful' hitmaker started touring with Ed.  

The musicians have been touring together for a month, and James told AJC he is loving every moment. 

"We’re having an amazing time. For me it’s the best gig in the world. He’s the biggest male solo artist in the world today and I get up onstage and (play) 40 minutes. And of course I come off stage two hours before he comes off stage, so I have two hours ahead of him drinking time!" he told the publication.

James added that after signing CDs and taking photos during the interval, he takes a shower, grabs a beer, and then watches Ed's set. 

While concertgoers are really there to see Ed in action, James says he loves surprising them with music from his new album. 

"Like I tell the audience, you haven’t bought tickets to see me, so I don’t have to play them all my old stuff and I’m playing a lot of new songs. I’m pretty confident in those songs. I spent two years writing this album, working with a lot of songwriters, but I’ve also had a bit of experience myself now as a songwriter and I’ve few had a experiences that have helped me make an intense album in many ways. I got married and had a child, and the result is an album that is filled with high intensity and high emotion. The reaction to the songs has been fantastic. It started off with my band saying, “We’re paid to play the songs, not to like them,” but we’re really excited to play them," he told AJC. 

Ed's collaboration with Robin Schulz, 'OK', is soaring up the Coca-Cola Top 40 chart. It's currently at number eight. 

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