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In collaboration with East Coast Radio, Adcorp BLU, a division of Adcorp Workforce Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“BLU”) and the Production Management Institute of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (“PMI”) are set to award 10 bursaries, valued at R1 million (one million) rand, to outstanding individuals! 

The BLU and PMI 2024 Bursary Programme is designed to support unemployed matriculants within the Kwa-Zulu Natal (“KZN”) region by providing them with the opportunity to pursue a qualification that can unlock various job opportunities. The bursaries offered cover full-time studies to obtain a Higher Certificate in Business Management at the PMI Musgrave Campus. 


  • Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid ID document/card. Applications from non-South African citizens will not be considered. 

  • Residency within the KZN region is a prerequisite. 

  • A complete matric academic record for the year 2022 or 2023 is mandatory. 

  • For National Senior Certificate (NSC) holders: a minimum of 30% in English. 


  • For NC(V) with Higher Certificate admission at Level 4: a minimum of 40% in English (either First Additional Language or Home Language), a minimum of 30% in Maths or Maths Literacy, a minimum of 40% in Life Orientation, and a minimum of 50% in four vocational subjects. 

  • All awarded bursaries are contingent upon the applicant’s Grade 12 year-end results aligning closely with the results presented during the application process. The minimum criteria will still be applicable. 

  • Submission of a motivational letter explaining why the applicant should be selected, along with a Curriculum Vitae outlining any voluntary work or entrepreneurial initiatives undertaken during the years 2022 and/or 2023. 

  • Applicant household income must be less than R350,000 rand per annum. 

  • Only one application per applicant will be accepted. 

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. 

  • Applications by e-mail and/or not submitted via the East Coast Radio website will not be considered. 

  • All applications should be submitted before 17h00 of the application closing date. 


  • Any discrepancies in information provided at any stage will result in the nullification of the bursary application, offer or award. 

  • Bursary shortlisting, offers and awards are based on careful consideration of applicant needs and adherence to set selection criteria. 

  • BLU and PMI reserves the right to withdraw, at any time and its sole discretion, a bursary offered or awarded to any applicant/recipient, as a result of inter alia a significantly weaker academic performance, extended study periods, registration or acceptance at another institution, if the applicant/recipient does not or no longer permanently resides within the KZN region, or any circumstances reasonably deemed by BLU & PMI as sufficient grounds to withdraw the bursary offer or award. 


  • 26 January 2024  


  • Certified copy of valid ID document/card (not less than 3 months old). 

  • Proof of permanent home residence e.g. water, electricity, rates, telephone or internet bill or bank statement (not less than three months old). 

  • Certified copy of matric results (not less than 3 months old). 

  • Proof of household income:  Either 3 months' bank statements of both Parents or Guardians or 3 months' payslips (if employed). In the absence of either a bank account or payslips, please provide a signed affidavit stating that the household income is less than R350 000 rand per annum. 

  • Completed and signed application form. 

  • Copy of CV and motivational letter. 

To apply, kindly download the application form HERE  and upload in the form below with the other necessary documentation:

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