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Darren Maule East Coast Breakfast

As a seasoned stand-up comedian, actor and entertainer Darren Maule is no stranger to being in front of the microphone.


Darren heads up the East Coast Breakfast team every weekday, flooding homes, cars and offices with his irreverent humour, intelligent banter and raucous laughter.


If there’s one thing Darren does best, it’s telling stories.


The good kind, of course! He has a keen eye for detail and loves telling us about the funny situations he got himself into or the weird goings-on in his friend Dave’s life.


Darren’s made a name for himself over the past 17 years appearing on TV and on stage. You may remember him, from Play TV, Hard Copy, Out of the Box or his sit-com Font. 


Now he heads up a dynamic team along with Natarah Nadesan, Mak Dlamini, Gabriel Sithole and Johann Von Bargen.



Connect with Darren:

Email: darren@ecr.co.za

Twitter: @darrenmaule

Facebook page: EastCoastBreakfast