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Sonke wows on Idols SA
07 October 2013 at 08:54 by - Even Idols SA stars have idols. This week, the nine contestants each chose a song from one of their favourite music superstars. Big shoes to fill, but they didn't disappoint.
This week the Idols SA Top Nine took on songs by their musical idols. Producers roped in Liquid Deep's Ziyon to help mentor the contestants. 
First up on stage was KZN teacher Crystalene.
The 24-year-year took on Kelly Clarkson's Stronger. We'll start with the good news: Crystalene looked gorgeous in animal print leggings, a leather jacket and sexy red heels.  It was a major step up from her plain Jane look during her first audition.
The bad news is while Crystalene has gained more confidence over the past few weeks, she lacked the energy needed to belt out the mega hit. Gareth felt her performance was just okay, while Randall thought her singing was a bit flat. Looks like Crystalene needs your votes now more than ever.

Next up was Musa. He had won the judges over last week with an amazing performance of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. He didn't disappoint. The 26-year-old chose Ndiyagodola by Ringo to woo the Idols audience. Gareth said it was the right song choice while Unathi could hardly contain her excitement. She said Musa gave the song an energy she has never seen even Ringo perform with. We're pretty sure the legendary Ringo would be offended by that. 
Benjamin might not have owned a cell phone until a few months ago, but he certainly kept it modern with Coldplay's The Scientist. We were totally loving his interpretation of the song. Gareth said that everything worked for him on the night and the song fitted him like a glove. Benjy's biggest fan, Unathi, said she loved his piercing voice and he sounded like a lonely howling wolf at full moon. We really can't picture him howling - picking carrots in The Shire maybe - but certainly not a Jacob Black. "Honest Abe" Randall wasn't impressed. He felt Benjy missed the high and low notes. But he did say the song choice would see him through another week. We think he's just Mr. Mean.

Everyone's favourite future popstar, Brenden, earned praise from Zyion who said he could see the 19-year-old going all the way on Idols SA. His performance of Anthony Hamilton’s Her Heart received mixed reviews though. Gareth said it wasn't his strongest performance but he still did very well. He likened him to a young Lionel Ritchie. Randall warned the ladies' man that he could get away with a bad song choice on the night, but fans would be unforgiving in the final stretch of the competition. 
Sonke, who makes our heart pump custard, wowed the audience with Zonke’s Jikizinto - and he did so without his trademark traditional headdress. He looked and sounded like an idol. Gareth said Sonke was a bag of surprises. Unathi applauded his smart song choice. Randall said Sonke was the guy to beat - watch out Brenden!

Next up was Christina with Pink's Try. Gareth thougth she did really well and described her as liquid sex. He does know this is a family show, right? Unathi said she stepped up to the plate, but her pronunciation at the beginning of the song could have been better. 
Innocent made a bold song choice in the form of Coldplay's Paradise. It was a fail of note in our opinion, but Gareth said he did well and deserved to go through. Unathi said he had great moments but there were also moments when he could have done better. However, she said he was the most versatile singer in the competition. Randall was less than impressed and said his singing was not great.
Nineteen-year-old Zoë took on Rihanna's Love the Way you Lie. Gareth loved her performance and said it was the best so far. Unathi said she had them in the palm of her hands. Randall had nothing nice to say - as usual. Poor Zoë just can't seem to get him on her side. Maybe she should wear Tumi's face next week. 

Idols' producers saved the best for last.
Bunny took on the biggest song of the night - Tina Turner's Proud Mary. Gareth said she was like a meal that hit the spot when you're really hungry. Unathi said she was honoured to watch her. Randall, who serenaded Bunny last week, couldn't help singing "what's love got to do with it". It was a case of those who can't sing, judge. 
KZN can expect another tense elimination round tomorrow night. Crystalene's fans need to vote in their numbers or she could find herself in the hot seat. Vote here: http://idolssa.dstv.com/vote
- Tamlyn Canham

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