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KZN most vulnerable to HIV-infection
11 March 2014 at 08:16 by - Doctors Without Borders says KZN remains the province most vulnerable to high HIV-infection.

The NGO has released a report, based on surveys in Eshowe and Mbongolwane, that confirms KZN has one of the highest HIV infection burdens in the world.

Twenty-five point two percent of the province's adult population lives with the virus, compared to a national average of 17.9%.

The study which was conducted in Eshowe north of KZN shows that women are still the most affected by the disease - with 56% of women aged between 30 to 39 living with HIV.

The report also shows that 75% of those eligible for treatment receive it, compared to an estimated 52% national average.

It says there are signs that the risk of transmission is decreasing as more HIV positive people get access to treatment.

The group says although the province is on the right track in addressing the the HIV epidemic it needs to sustain its efforts to ensure success in the fight against the disease.

(File photo: Gallo Images)

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